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As a Democrat,  my philosophy includes legislation,  as outlined below, that affects
both state and local issues that are benificial to individuals as well as communities.

EDUCATION:   A super majority of school districts are requiring emergency levies to operate, putting extra property taxes on residents. We need both: to properly fund education, and to be mindful of the tax burden in making clear and necessary decisions. Quality education and work skills are the foundation for Idaho prosperity!

HEALTH CARE:   A healthy population is less costly and more productive, making Idaho not only a desirable place to live but economically strong and a choice for all the industries we want to have here. We must work together for solutions with our citizens and our medical and government partners.

LIVING WAGE:   While Idaho is not the poorest state, we will benefit from combining education and skills training to establish a capable and productive workforce, then encouraging our people to stay and work in Idaho so our families and communities are strong and growing.

TAX EQUITY:   Idaho‚Äôs budget holds challenges in addressing our core needs - roads and bridges that support Idaho commerce; partnering with counties and communities for comprehensive and equal education funding across the state; and tax rates and exemptions that balance the tax load among individuals, businesses, and large corporations. Tax expenditures should have multiple benefits and good oversight. We must address the growing property tax burden and repeal the grocery sales tax.

"I promise to work for you, your family, and OUR community."  ~ Laura

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