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   It is critically important to rebalance the Idaho Legislature in 2020. Recent Idaho legislators have not established productive funding or direction for education, health care, transportation, or tax equity even in prosperous times. Legislative time and your tax dollars were wasted with distractions on already decided social issues rather than core Idaho needs.

   Picture an Idaho that funds effective education, health care, and rebalances tax loads. Affordable health care benefits everyone. Correcting the unequal tax burden and investing in Idaho’s infrastructure will benefit everyone.

   Idaho’ greatest resource, our young adults, need to see a future here. Affordable post-secondary education prepares a strong workforce that can earn a livable wage. We must get out of the life-crippling student loan trap.

   I will also strongly support a “thorough and free” public education beginning with early childhood, then K-12 curriculum with broadband internet capability that includes accelerated classes, STEM, and vocational-technical classes.

   Idaho tax dollars should be spent on priorities that benefit us all. Vote for a brighter future, vote for common sense solutions for the underserved, the uninsured and the under-represented. Over 19,000 voters In District 23 deserve the leadership I can provide.

Laura Bellegante for Idaho Senate  ·  P.O. Box 1135, Mountain Home, ID. 83647  ·  (817)266-0841  ·  LauraSen20@gmail.com  

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